3 Cool FAQs about Fun to Eat Fruit Edible Logos on Apples

Do you wonder what customers find most curious about Fun to Eat Fruit? We sat down with the creator of Fun to Eat Fruit, David Salzman, and to find out which FAQs on the website seem to be the most popular.David Salzman's Fun to Eat Fruit fresh from the orchard. Check out our FAQs.

Here’s the 3 top questions he hears the most—with his answers—about our our innovative, branded fruit. Did you know that Fun to Eat Fruit’s taking the wellness and wedding world by storm:

Top FAQs #1
Do I apply the image to Fun to Eat Fruit or do you?

David: We apply the image to each piece of fresh, washed, ready-to-eat fruit at our production facility. Just submit your hi-res image file to us by email and we take it from there. FAQs #2 Fun to Eat Fruit isn'a a label, stamp or stencil.We accept jpegs, pdfs, eps and vector files. It’s not a label, stamp or stencil.

Top FAQs #2
Can I eat the image on Fun to Eat Fruit?

David: Yes! We produce the image from food-grade ingredients, and all equipment, packaging, and methods meet federal standards of purity and quality. The applied image is FDA and Kosher approved. Think of the M’s on M & M’s candies; it’s similar.

Top FAQs #3
Will it rub or wash off my Fun to Eat Fruit?

David: No, the image will not rub or wash off. However, if you scratch the image, or store the fruit improperly, you will damage the image.

We love interacting with our customers. It’s our privilege to provide fruit for your important life events and business meetings. Therefore, we strive to make your experience with our company as easy and streamlined as possible.

Check out our FAQs section for more questions and answers about our product! If you’d like to let us know how we’re doing or have any additional questions, send them to info@funteatfruit.com. To order personalized Fun to Eat Fruit with your special image, send us a quote request!  Thank you!



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  1. Brenda's Wedding Blog January 24, 2017 at 3:11 am #

    What a great post and so fun to know more about Fun to Eat Fruit. I just love this concept!!!

    • Beth January 24, 2017 at 2:23 pm #

      Thank you, Brenda! We appreciate your enthusiasm! Great for weddings, don’t you think?

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