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One dad’s quest to encourage healthy eating in a junk food world

It all began in 2007. Fun to Eat Fruit™ inventor and dad of two, David, wanted to raise healthy eaters in a junk food world. He observed the fruit department at his local grocery store couldn’t compete with its candy aisle. Fresh fruit lacked the kid-appeal of mass-marketed candy from companies like Hershey, Mars, and Nestle. (Truth be told, his kids enjoyed candy more than fruit.)

Edible Messaging Technology

One summer’s day, while sitting under an apple tree, David had an idea: perhaps adding a fun factor to nutritious food would attract children—and adults, like yourself—to snack and eat healthy. Soon after his Sir Isaac Newton moment, David invented a fresh, new way to market a company or cause—edible messaging technology—and Fun to Eat Fruit™ was born!

Courtesy Ron Sher Photography

What is Fun to Eat Fruit™?

David tested his new marketing concept—edible messaging technology—on hard surfaced fruits. Kids reacted to apples featuring smiley faces just as he hoped: they giggled, smiled, joked, ate all of the fruit, and asked for more. Those giggles, smiles and jokes inspired David to come up with the perfect product name: Fun to Eat Fruit™!

Fun to Eat Fruit™ is fruit with fun images.

  • It’s not a sticker or stamp.
  • We apply your image (logo, line art, monogram, QR code) or message (slogan, tagline, biz card) onto seasonal, fresh fruit.
  • The image is safe for you to eat (just like the m’s on M & M’s®) and won’t wash or rub off.
  • We’re a New Hampshire based company and always use domestic produce (local when in season.)
  • For more details, check out our FAQs.

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