Is the imprint safe-to-eat?

This is not a sticker or stamp The image is made from food-grade ingredients, and all equipment, packaging, and methods meet federal standards of purity and quality. The applied image is FDA and Kosher approved.

How fresh is the fruit?

We work with American growers and their brokers to receive the freshest, highest-quality crops as they are picked. We source locally-grown, New England fruit when available.

Is the fruit organic?

It can be upon request.

Is the imprint organic?

Not at this time, but we promise we’re working on it.

I want my logo put on an apple, what do I do?

Upload a hi-res file of your image (jpeg, eps, PDF, Vector), we’ll do the rest!

What if I don’t have a jpeg or artwork for you to use but I have a saying I’d like to put on Fun to Eat Fruit™?

Contact us by email with the details and we’ll refer you to one of our in-house graphic designers to get you started.

How much lead time do you require to create Fun to Eat Fruit™?

We prefer to have at least 3-4 weeks prior to the event. This lead time includes image review/approval, application process and shipping.

Will the image rub or wash off?

No, the image will not rub or wash off. If you scratch the image, or store the fruit improperly, the image will be damaged.

Can I wash the fruit again?

Fun to Eat Fruit™ is shipped washed and ready for you to eat. If you’d like to rewash the fruit, feel free to. Washing the fruit won’t harm the applied image.

Do I stamp the fruit?

The Fun to Eat Fruit™ Company ships the fruit with the applied image. There is no stamp or stamping involved.

Is there a minimum amount of fruit I have to order?

There is no minimum although you are required to pay for the set-up charge per image.

Can you ship Fun to Eat Fruit™ to Canada or overseas?

Currently, we do not ship fruit to Canada or overseas.

If I’m sending Fun to Eat Fruit™ as a gift, could you include a gift card?

Yes, we will include a gift card at no additional charge.