Benefits & Wellness Pro Shares Her Fun to Eat Fruit Success Stories

If you’re an employer then you know that investing in employee wellness makes dollars and sense. And these days, with folks working remotely and in the traditional workspace, promoting your organization’s wellness programs takes some creativity.

Founder of Fun to Eat Fruit, David Salzman believes that his fruit, which is branded with custom edible logos and messages, is a creative, healthy way to get a company’s wellness initiatives noticed. “We’re not your typical promotional item; we’re a hybrid! Fun to Eat Fruit is about wellness, nutrition, and branding rolled into one sweet, little package provided by Mother Nature.”

Branded Fruit’s a Win-Win for Employee Wellness Programs

Boston-area Benefits and Wellness Manager Susan Glover, of 360 Corporate Benefits Advisors, also says Fun to Eat Fruit is a unique medium—one that will grab attention—to engage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle. In this video, Susan describes how she’s had tremendous success promoting wellness initiatives with branded Fun to Eat Fruit. (Click on the video!)

“I’ve used it for my clients on several occasions for wellness programs, benefit fairs, open enrollment, biometric screenings…you can’t beat it!” says Susan.

By offering Fun to Eat Fruit—a nutritious snack with your message of wellness or logo in edible ink—to your employees, an organization shows its values and concern about the health and wellbeing of its staff. As they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Unique Wellness Promotional Item

Next time you consider putting your logo on a pen, mug, or ad specialty item, be a trailblazer—be a disruptor—and contact us.

How to Order Your Fun to Eat Fruit

Click here to request your custom Fun to Eat Fruit with the image of your choice! We’ll send you a quote and get your order started. Within 14 business days you’ll have your very own, personalized Fun to Eat Fruit  to share with your employees. The fruit will be shipped to you washed, imprinted with an edible design of your choice, and ready-to-eat! If you’d like to have them sent to your employee’s remote workplace, we can arrange that. Also, if you prefer the fruit to be wrapped in clear, FDA-approved, food grade bags, we can do that, too. 

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