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We have great news to share! SuccessfulMeetings.com showcased our promotional fruit item in their Successful Meetings Food for Thought blog!

We’re so flattered

Here’s what Successful Meetings said about Fun to Eat Fruit:Fun to Eat Fruit with your corporate logo for your next Successful Meetings

“You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not familiar with the Apple logo. But a logo on an apple–that’s another story. Fun to Eat Fruit is a Portsmouth, NH-company that offers this unique and healthy marketing medium for a custom message or logo,” writes Andrea Doyle of SuccessfulMeetings.com.

“We’re not your typical promotional item; we’re a hybrid! Fun to Eat Fruit is about wellness, nutrition and branding rolled into one sweet, little package provided by Mother Nature,” says Fun to Eat Fruit inventor and president David Salzman.

Our fruit is always in high demand at trade shows, wellness fairs, successful meetings and conferences. Meeting planners seek new ways to provide healthy, fresh and fun breaks and perks. Moreover, health-conscious meeting attendees, consumers, employees, or business clients expect companies support their wellness. Therefore, Fun to Eat Fruit fills the bill for your next successful meeting.

All about Fun to Eat Fruit

Fun to Eat Fruit puts a company’s logo or message on fresh fruit— apples, pears, lemons, limes and more. The imprint is completely edible (like what’s on M & Ms®) and won’t rub or wash off. We’re a New Hampshire based company and always use domestic produce (local when in season.)

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