Fun to Eat Fruit Increases NH Student Apple Consumption at Lunch by 50%

How did Fun to Eat Fruit™ increase student apple consumption by 50% at 10 NH schools?  We upped the fun factor!

Learn how to increase student apple consumption at snack or lunchtime by adding the fun fruit factor!We discovered that adding a fun factor to nutritious food attracted children—and adults—to snack and eat healthy. That’s when we created Fun to Eat Fruit™ which features safe-to-eat, fun images on fruit.

Student Tested

We tested our concept on a tough consumer group—hungry New Hampshire elementary school students. Our research teams observed student groups at lunchtime in ten public schools.

In each school’s cafeteria, during the first of two observations, we provided plain apples for students to eat with their meals. The children weren’t keen about the apples and tossed most of the fruit.

Student Approved

During the second visit to the same schools, we served Fun to Eat Fruit™ apples featuring hearts, smiley faces, and snowmen. Our informal study showed that serving Fun to Eat Fruit™ actually increased student apple consumption by more than 50% when compared to school lunches offering plain apples. Now that’s kid-appeal!

We’re proud that our product fights obesity, not only in New Hampshire schools but now across the U.S. and at all kinds of institutions and events. If Fun to Eat Fruit™ can help reduce the obesity rate among America’s students, then we’re doing our job as parents and responsible business people!

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