Smiley Face Makes Fruit Fun to Eat

The smiley face is the universal symbol of happiness! Fun to Eat Fruit Smiley Face AppleIt was one of the first edible images we imprinted on our Fun to Eat Fruit apples and oranges when we tested the concept with our friends and family in the early days of the company.

Fun to Eat Fruit’s Happy Beginnings

How did it all begin? Fun to Eat Fruit inventor and dad of two, David, wanted to raise healthy eaters in a junk food world. He observed the fruit department at his local grocery store couldn’t compete with its candy aisle. Fresh fruit lacked the kid-appeal of mass-marketed candy from companies like Hershey, Mars, and Nestle.

One summer’s day, while sitting under an apple tree, David had an idea: perhaps adding a fun factor to nutritious food would attract children—and adults, like yourself—to snack and eat healthy.

That was the moment Fun to Eat Fruit was born. With a goal of making fruit more fun to eat, the smiley face was the first image that came to mind! Makes sense, right? 

Smiley Face Work History

Did you know the Smiley Face debuted in 1963 in Worcester, MA? Smiley Face 1963Designed by Harvey Ball in 10 quick minutes, it was part of a campaign to boost employee morale at State Mutual Life Assurance Co. We learned all this from Stephanie (pictured above) of Discover Central Massachusetts.

What’s your favorite version of the smiley face—on a button? Walmart signs? Pac Man? Emojis? Fun to Eat Fruit? Let us know in the comments below!


All about Fun to Eat Fruit

We started with a smiley face, but now Fun to Eat Fruit puts a company’s logo or message on fresh fruit— apples, pears, lemons, limes and more. The imprint is completely edible (like what’s on M & Ms®) and won’t rub or wash off. We’re a New Hampshire based company and always use domestic produce (local when in season.) You send us your image, we’ll imprint it on hard surfaced fruit of your choice, then ship it back to you ready to give out as favors, snacks, and more.

Let us know how we can help make this happen for you. Fill out this request for quote—it only takes 2 minutes— and we’ll send you a quote for your very own personalized Fun to Eat Fruit!



PC: Taken at Popavent Spring Social.

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