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Fun to Eat Fruit™ Increased Student Apple Consumption by 50%+

Yes, you read that correctly! Fun to Eat Fruit™ is the solution to that age-old struggle: How to get kids to eat more fruit.

Our custom branded fruit offers parents, camp counselors, teachers, medical staff and scout leaders a way to positively impact the obesity crisis gripping the youth of America—one in every three children in the United States is overweight or obese.*

* U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Students eat more fruit when it's Fun to EAt FRuit

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It’s kid-tested and approved.

We tested Fun to Eat Fruit™ in ten New Hampshire elementary school lunchrooms. Our research teams observed the children's eating habits at lunchtime in each school’s cafeteria.

During the first of two observations, we provided plain apples for students to eat with their meals. The children weren’t keen about the apples and tossed most of their uneaten fruit. During the second visit to the same schools, we served Fun to Eat Fruit™ apples featuring hearts, smiley faces, and snowmen.

Our informal study showed that serving Fun to Eat Fruit™ actually increased apple consumption by more than 50% when compared to school lunches offering plain apples.

Want to instill healthy eating in children’s lives? Add some adventure to their snack times? Fun to Eat Fruit™ is a creative way to help children eat healthier. We customize the freshest apples, pears, lemons, limes, oranges and more with standard, fun images with kid-appeal or you can use your own image, logo or saying.

Super Cool Ways to Get Kids to Eat More Fruit with Fun to Eat Fruit™:

  • Kick off first day of school
  • Snack for the 100th day of school
  • Healthy birthday snack
  • Celebrate the seasons
  • Fundraiser featuring school mascot
  • National Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Let’s Move event
  • Field Day
  • Holiday fair
  • Snack at 5K or bike race
  • Swag bag for fundraiser
  • PTO event snack
  • Item at recreation league snack shack
  • Thanksgiving baskets
  • Holiday baskets

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