Celebrate National Watermelon Day

Watermelon is one of our favorite fruits, especially because it’s so hydrating. We eat it slice by slice to cool down on a summer’s day, and we’ve even mastered cutting a chilled melon into smaller, grab ‘n go sticks. It’s one of the most refreshing fruits and is easy to transport. Celebrate National Watermelon Day!

For a fun way to celebrate National Watermelon Day with your family or friends, enjoy some special, fruity cupcakes. It’s our new, favorite way to eat scrumptious red melons on a hot summer’s day.

Easy Recipe for Healthy Summer Snacking

Here’s the easy recipe for Watermelon Cupcakes courtesy of The Watermelon Board:


You’ll need these ingredients:
8 cupcake liners
8 cupcake shaped pieces of seedless watermelon
2 cups yogurt of choice or frosting
Dash sprinkles for garnish

Easy to follow steps

Place the liners in an 8-cup cupcake tin.
Cut 3-inch thick slices of the seedless melon.
Cut round cupcake sized pieces from the slices.
Put a watermelon cupcake in each liner.
Place a dollop of yogurt or frosting on each cupcake.
Decorate as desired with sprinkles.
Makes 8 servings.

Let us know if you’ll be making these special cupcakes in the comments below! Be sure to visit our website again soon for more Fun to Eat Fruit ideas!

The Watermelon Board

This Board represents 1,500 growers, shippers and importers nationwide. Their goal is to promote its nutritional, culinary and convenience benefits.

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  1. Susan August 3, 2017 at 10:54 pm #

    That is such a cute alternative to cupcakes! So much more refreshing, healthy and fun than your ordinary cupcakes, thanks Fun To Eat Fruit for the innovative idea!

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