Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Fun Fruit Facts

Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Fun Fruit Facts

We’re celebrating National Nutrition Month by launching a nutrition education series on Instagram, Fun Fruit Facts.Fun to Eat Fruit Fact National Nutrition Month

“We’re being true to our mission by launching this quirky nutrition education series,” explains David Salzman, Fun to Eat Fruit CEO. “I started this company because I wanted to raise healthy eaters in a junk food world and decided to make healthy food—fruit—more fun to eat!”

Soon Fun to Eat Fruit Instagram followers will see Instagram posts like:

  • How many seeds in a pomegranate?
  • Are avocados fruits or vegetables?
  • What’s another name for the Chinese gooseberry?

Wondering what the answers are to these questions? Be sure to follow us on Instagram @funtoeatfruit. We provide the answers in the captions for each post!

Have a fun fruit fact to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured Fun Fruit Fact: courtesy of www.buzzfeed.com


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