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Fun to Eat Fruit Meeting Snack Idexx

Featured: Successful Meetings

Featured: Successful Meetings We’re always happy to share good news! showcased our promotional fruit item in their Food for Thought Blog! Wait till you read what they said about Fun to Eat Fruit; we’re so flattered. “You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who is not familiar with the Apple logo. But a logo on an apple–that’s […]

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David Salzman's Fun to Eat Fruit fresh from the orchard

3 Cool FAQs about Fun to Eat Fruit

3 Cool FAQs about Fun to Eat Fruit Wonder what customers find most curious about Fun to Eat Fruit? We sat down with the creator of Fun to Eat Fruit, David Salzman, and asked him that exact question. Here’s the 3 top questions he hears the most—with his answers—about our our innovative, branded fruit which […]

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Monogrammed Fun To Eat Fruit Wedding Favor

Healthy, Wedding Favors Trending in 2017

Healthy, Wedding Favors Trending in 2017 It’s wedding planning season and we’d like to share a healthy wedding favor trend for 2017 brides and grooms. Healthy Fresh Fruit Fresh fruit’s trending for wedding favors in 2017, and it may be because of the shift in the U.S. towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Research shows that millennials and Gen […]

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